Case Study

At Dart Advantage Warehousing, we provide our customers with more than warehousing services… we provide them with a supply chain partner.

We have partnered with an international engine manufacturer by providing them with warehouse storage space and services. Through the years, the manufacturer’s United States business has grown and Dart grew with them. As their business expanded, their need for manufacturing space was occupying more and more of their on-site warehouse space. Finally, their manufacturing operations had expanded so much that it occupied most of their owned facility with little on-site warehouse space. They were at the point where they needed more space for manufacturing. They called on Dart Advantage Warehousing to help find a solution. As we discussed options, we worked together to provide a cost effective and operationally sound solution.

Services Provided

We assist this customer by receiving their engines from overseas, then providing some of the initial assembly processes. This helped save our customer some manufacturing space by providing them with a dependable stream of product where the assembly had already been started. We continue to look for areas where we can improve their supply chain and processes. Both sides agree that it’s a win-win solution, benefitting both sides.

At Dart Advantage Warehousing, we will strive to become an extension of what you do, and not just your warehousing provider.  Our team of experienced warehousing and logistics professionals treat your business with the same care and attention that you would.”


Bill Donnillon

Director of Operations, Dart Advantage Warehousing

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