About Us

Innovative – flexible – Diverse


At Dart Advantage Warehousing, our goal is to have become an extension of your operation. We learn your processes and work together to form a partnership that ensures a seamless operation.

Our customers use our warehouses in a multitude of ways; as storage for pallets of product, as a distribution center, to hand unload and palletize shipments from overseas, complete return logistics, completing some minor assembly for a manufacturer and so much more. Whatever your warehousing or logistics need, we’ll find a way.

Our Story

In business since 1934, Dart has a history of over 80 years of stable, innovative family ownership. The Dart network of affiliated companies provide comprehensive supply chain solutions for organizations throughout the United States. Together, we offer supply chain capabilities in warehousing services, dry van transportation, transportation brokerage, intermodal and portable storage.

Dart Advantage Warehousing was launched in 1996 to fulfill a need that our customers requested. They needed additional space and services to help their businesses grow and succeed.

The Dart Warehousing Advantage

At Dart Advantage Warehousing, we position ourselves as your partner in warehousing and logistics. We offer wholly owned warehouses. Because we own the buildings, we will never get ‘kicked out’ at the end of a lease. Our experienced staff is lead by our Director of Operations who has been with Dart Advantage Warehousing for over 25 years and our Director of Sales who has been with the Dart network of companies for over 20 years. They have done it all and can customize our services to help streamline your supply chain. We have the team and the drive to make our partnerships work! 

Whatever your need, we’ll find a way!

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